This is a story about people, places

and traditions.

This is a story about local artisans

in the Brazilian Amazon

keeping their cultural heritage alive.

This is a story about Portuguese fishermen

valuing their precious coastline.

This is a story about ‘ghost gear’

or lost fishing gear

threatening our oceans.


Coral is the translation of these stories

into tangible shapes.

Traditional basketry techniques

are applied to found materials

that were labeled as trash.

Being harmful to marine life,

‘ghost gear’ is collected,

untangled, cleaned and used

to reshape corals.

Coral is an ode to slowness,

a tribute to traditional crafts

and a call for ecological awareness.




by Ysaline Ophoff

+32 479 73 19 09


raam 135

April – June 2021

curated by randwerk_ontwerperscollectief

Wolterslaan 135, 9045 Gent